Management and Fees

Pecaut & Company charges a fee quarterly based on assets under management. In return, we manage the portfolio assets of our clients.

We focus exclusively on providing investment advice. We work closely with other clearing firms that actually hold the accounts and execute trades.

This structure aligns our interests with that of our clients. As the value of the account grows, so do our fees on the account. Contrast this model with commission based systems where there is incentive to promote trade activity, which may or may not reflect the best interests of the account or client.

Client Relations

While we are always available to discuss accounts with clients, we offer regular meetings with our clients in order to ensure the strategy for the account is aligned with the best interests of the client.

Clients also receive quarterly reports tracking performance accompanied by a letter of market commentary. In addition, we produce a periodic newsletter discussing market events and investment philosophy.

Client Benefits

Trust & Integrity

We speak the truth, and we do what we say we will do. Dan, Corey, and John are also the owners of Pecaut & Company so they are fully accountable to the business. We “eat our own cooking.”


We take time to know and understand the lives and families of our clients. We act as financial partners managing financial assets to help maximize the fulfillment in their lives.

High Quality Service

Ruby and Shelby work hard to get things done well and done quickly. With a small staff, it is easy to know everyone personally and to work with the same person every time.

Record Keeping

We keep detailed digital records of client portfolios. With our clients’ approval, we can work directly with their CPA, which simplifies annual tax preparation.

Investment Expertise

Dan, Corey, and John have over 50 years of collective experience in investing and analyzing businesses.


Many of our clients enjoy our periodic investment letter. Few investment letters exist that have been published since 1982.